Necky Manitou 13 (plastic)

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Necky Manitou 13 (plastic)

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My 2006 Necky Manitou 13 saw some whitewater on Saturday, figured I'd write a quick review.

length 12' 10"
width 24.75"
weight: 45 pounds or so

My first kayak, wanted something small enough to handle the loop I do on the Charles which requires some deft maneuvering in some small channels to do the loop, so I didn't want the expense/size of a sea kayak.

Over the years I've raced it on flatwater, used it in the surf a couple of times, and now have used it in Class I/II whitewater.

It is a great little boat in the sense that it does everything fairly well, and is surprisingly fast given its length.

There's no forward bulkhead. I've stuck heavy duty (10 gallon?) zip lock bags up near the bow. There's a hunk of foam used for flotation and forward deck support in the way of getting a bow float.

Combing is a bit sharp which a little sanding/padding on shoulder negates while carrying.

I'm glad I spent a little extra (Most places have it for around $750 for 2010 model) versus say a $300 boat. This kayak, while still in the recreational class, can certainly grow as your skill level grows, and will continue to be fun to paddle in a wide-range of conditions, especially in terms of speed.
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