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Post by Lori-Ann »

Just bought my first kayak after renting for the last 4 years. Wilderness Tsunami 14ft and a great Werner paddle only problem was limited selection of PFD's at REI-end of season. I did some research and purchsed the MTI Helios Inflatable PFD and it's USCG type III. Any one use this PFD?

I'll continue to search for a proper fitting PFD but until them I'll use the Inflatable for emergencies.
I'll be staying on nice calm ponds and lakes until I get comfortable with my kayak also.

Any suggestions for womans PFD or does it matter?
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Re: PFD's

Post by Azane »

Cheers Lori-Ann,

We are pretty new to kayaking...and two years ago, being "outfitted" to include PFD, the guy at Charles River mentioned one thing that made sense: "make sure that the PFD has a lock/latch at the bottom." In the event of an assisted rescue, should the zipper become undone..that will save you.

Enjoy the process!

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Re: PFD's

Post by Ken R »

If a PFD is not comfortable you will not want to wear it. On the other hand if it fits well you won't even notice it being on.
It is worth finding a PFD that not only fits your body type but also your budget.

If you are local to the South Shore try going to Monahan's Marine on Rt 53 in Weymouth.

If you can't find one at a local shop that you are happy with, head to Kittery Trading Post or LL Bean or shop online from anyone with a good return policy incase it does not fit well.
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Re: PFD's

Post by noseykate »

I shopped around quite a bit last year to find a women's pfd that fit me well. There is a surprising variety amongst the women's pfd's, so it's worth trying them on. I didn't much care for the women's vests I found to try - Astral Linda, Kokatat MsFit, etc., although my prior pfd was a women's Lotus (no longer in production, sadly). I ended up with a Stohlquist Cruiser women's pfd from an REI garage sale, not at all a high-end vest but very comfy and functional for me.

The important points are that you be able to cinch it down so that if you lift up on the shoulders of the vest, it doesn't lift up from you. It should stay in place. otherwise it won't function properly when you are afloat. Abby's suggestion about cinching at the bottom is a good one too. And it should give you lots of room to move your arms. And a few pockets in the front are very useful, esp with a D-ring in one for tying in a spare key, noseplugs, compass, or whatever.

Happy shopping!

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Re: PFD's

Post by Anne.B »

I was able to get a women's Kokotat PFD from Sierra Trading Post and like its fit. You might want to try it on elsewhere first, though return shipping is free.
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