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Paddle Sport Safteys Lights from Brite-Strike

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:54 pm
by Brite-Strike
Paddle Sports Safety Lights

The Paddle Sports Safety Lights are marine grade APALS®; All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips. These heavy duty LED light strips are waterproof to 200 feet deep, shockproof and will run for over 200 hours each. You can stick them on the top of a SUP or kayak for safety lights to help other boaters see you at night. One or two can be placed on the paddle for added safety and a cool effect when underway.

In addition to steady on mode there are 2 emergency strobe modes. The peel off backing with heavy duty 3M® adhesive holds tight to your craft’s surface without any risk of damage. The super thin APALS® will not cause a disruptive flow on the bottom of your SUP, kayak or canoe. The light from the LEDs placed on the bottom can help attract fish and provide a cool effect as well as keep you safe.

Each APALS® offers over 200 hours of runtime, so you can expect a full season of night time paddling.