Good Training Video - Heel Hook Rescue

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Good Training Video - Heel Hook Rescue

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Greetings Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

Warmer weather is right around the corner, and looking forward to the water temps heading back up.

Below is a great video demonstrating the Heel Hook Rescue, its a skill we revisit every year during our skill sessions.

Thought it would be worth posting this particular one, as it might be useful for those who have yet to see or try it out in the water. ... -2-24-2021

Time to start checking your gear, investing a little time and energy refining your rack set ups so its easier and faster to load and secure your boats for the season ahead.

If anyone would like to do some outfitting to optimize their fit and contact within your boat, I'd be happy to help. Its really easier than you might think. An hour or two of outfitting can make the many hours you paddle this season more comfortable and easier to make your boat dance.

Stay well! Look forward to seeing people on the water soon!
Paddle with a big smile, its contagious 8)

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