Charles River Loop West Roxbury and Dedham

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Charles River Loop West Roxbury and Dedham

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Ken posted a detailed trip report about passing through some of this area in spring,

Here's a map of the loop:

I've done this loop probably close to 50 times over the years. Great way to see lots of diversity on the Charles with multiple free areas to park that are close to the river, and no backtracking required!

Water level is important in Long Ditch. Too low and you have to get out to get under the bridge/some scratchy spots, too high and the downed trees farther in the Ditch can make for somewhat dangerous conditions if you aren't ready for them.

Defintely recommend rec plastic kayaks for this trip in terms of fitting through tight areas if you want to take a shortcut (see just past mile three on the map) and for bouncing off the bottom/hopping out to get around any obstacles.

With that said figured this would be a good post to have in the new rec forum. Sure Ken will pop in to add more...
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