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Greeting All,

This last Thursday night two new members showed up to say "hello" and check out the the first skills session. It was blustery and the water was BRISK!!, but all had a good time.

Welcome Janet & John!

After a brief conversation it became clear that we needed to clarify how we will be posting information on upcoming trips, and events on the forum, for both recreational and general paddling enthusiasts.

We want to encourage you to Register on the forum and obtain a user name.

For two reasons;

1. All Trips are posted in our Upcoming Trips Section, which is only visible to registered members.
2. The second and more important reason is to ensure that people who view these trip posting(s), and or wish to participate in them, must read and understand the safety cautions and appreciate the personal responsibility each of us assume by participating in these activities. This disclaimer / acknowledgement of each paddlers personal responsibility for their own safety is there for all registering participants to read and agree to when you sign up for a forum username. It is the only way we can provide due diligence as a responsible group, with our fellow paddlers, to be mindful about safety before encouraging trip participation.

We're a fee free group that is trying to strike that precarious balance between being safe and yet resisting the temptation to impose lots of formality.

So we encourage all who wish to participate in these trips, skills sessions, and activities coming this season, to register and utilize the forum. We are a virtual club or network of like minded paddlers, that will only thrive with its members participation.

Have a great paddling season! This weekend should be a fabulous start for many!


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