New Member Introducing To Group

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New Member Introducing To Group

Post by Toniacat »

Hi everyone, I am new to the group but not so new to kayaking. I have been kayaking since 2002 (?) I think and took a break for about a year, and re-started paddling my Necky Looksha Sport this spring.
I am interested in paddling easy short trips on the south shore this August and September about an hour or two TOPS, or even less for a quik workout, preferibly in easy rivers, and calm harbors. I would love to paddle Plymouth Harbour this year, the Taunton river again, and the North or South River from Marshfield.

This Spring and summer, I have been paddling the Indian Head River north from Luddoms Ford, just to work out and I have been bringing friends with me who have never paddled before, this is such a beautiful spot and good for introducing people to paddling, however, the river is blocked by some downed tree's and I dont have a chain saw to clear the river, but that would be fun. In addition, this area is convenient for me, it's close to home and I can fit in a quik paddle, a torso workout and a meditation/prayer time which helps my stress level go down.

I have taken a rescue and re-entry class, have safety gear and an extra paddle.
Thanks, Tonia

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Re: New Member Introducing To Group

Post by kayakerjnj »


Friend of Skip's, there might be a probation period LOL Just Kidding!

Hope to see you soon.
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Re: New Member Introducing To Group

Post by norm »

Welcome Tonia!

Sounds like you're ready to move across the street to the Hanover canoe launch on Indian Head Drive and venture down to the North River a little bit. It's just trickier because you gotta watch the tide.

You really can't go up the Indian Head River very far above the dam before it gets too shallow or you run into an old dam anyway. I used to like putting in at Cross Street in the spring when the water level on the USGS river gage was above 3 feet. We'd use our 9 foot rec. kayaks as if they were whitewater boats. It was a fun trip with our young teenage boys...but then they grew up and went off to college. The river seemed to have gotten ruined by down trees too, the last time we tried to run it.
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Re: New Member Introducing To Group

Post by pat »

Welcome, Tonia!

Not sure if your 2-hour limit is based on your comfort level for paddling duration or due to a hectic schedule.

Last night several of us paddled from the Driftway launch in Scituate out to The Spit to watch the sun set and full moon rise. [discussion] It was such an enjoyable evening that most expressed a desire to repeat the trip this season. Nothing has been planned yet, but this sounds like it would be perfect for you. With the exception of a few minor waves from passing boats, the trip is pretty much flatwater, and the the time paddling is probably not much over an hour total, although we did hang out at the Spit for a couple hours eating snacks and watermelon.
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