North River - May 20 [cancelled]

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North River - May 20 [cancelled]

Post by pat »

Trip cancelled

We might do this trip later in the season if we think there's sufficient interest

Driftway to Couch Beach and back, with options!

Basic plan:
Launch from the Driftway launch at 11:30.
Land at Couch Beach at 2:00 for an extended stop
Leave between 2:30-3:00.
Arrive at Driftway launch at 4:00-5:00
Total distance: 13-14 miles.
Since we'll be riding with the current the whole way, it won't feel like that long.

However, if that sounds like it's too far for you, or if it might be too far for you, we have two shorter options.

Prior to launching from the Driftway, we can shuttle cars to the Union Street launch, and people could end their trip on the way to Couch Beach (5 mile trip) or on the way back from Couch Beach (9 mile trip).

So if you're interested in the trip, but plan on taking out at Union Street, let me know in this thread, so we know to plan for shuttle vehicles. Some time in the next day or so, I'll take a test drive to determine how early we'll have to do the shuttling.

Absolute requirements: boat, paddle, PFD.
We generally don't get sufficient chop on the North River to require a sprayskirt, so that's up to you.
Common sense requirements: water, snacks, sun screen

Either eat before you leave, or bring a lunch with you. Couch Beach is a great place for a picnic.

Paddling proficiency: Well... This is a recreational trip, so you don't have to be a world-class paddler, but we'd prefer that you can keep up with the group. I expect a casual pace.

Chip will be co-leading this with me.

Astrological date: High tide at the ocean is 12:45pm. At Couch Beach, it should be about 2:45pm
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Re: Recreational trip - North River - May 20

Post by Chip »

I am in. :D
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