Kayaking Italy in September

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Kayaking Italy in September

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Dear Paddlers

After many years I have located and committed to some paddling in Italy in mid to late September.

The main trip is in Elba for 6 days Sept 16-22 paddling around the island and camping on beaches overnight. boats,etc tents,.. all furnished . Food is bought locally as a group. The Outfitters have a great reputation and the group will be both US and European paddlers.

More info at:
Contact :Gaudenzio Coltelli <info@seakayakitaly.it

If one week is too short for a round trip to Europe (or your partner wants to do more touring while you paddle)
I have contacted another well respected outfitter in nearby Sardinia who will run another 5 day paddling trip along the coast of Sardinia.
http://www.sardiniandiscovery.com/kayak ... serve.html
September 9-14
This paddle is a little more comfortable in that you stay at the same hotel and the outfitter will take the group, the guide and the equipment to sequential put ins and pick the group at the take out and back to the hotel.
Claudio Desiati

Mobile: (+39) 338 83 01 311 Email: info@SardinianDiscovery.com
Internet: www.SardinianDiscovery.com Skype: claudio.desiati
Facebook: SardinianDiscovery.com Twitter: SardinianDiscov
LinkedIn: ClaudioDesiati
Group sizes are 5 to 6 people

There is one day of travel between Sardinia and Elba (two ferries) and a day of rest between the excursions. Still reasonable flights via Marseilles or Rome.

It sounds great and other american groups that have used these outfitters have given them high marks.

Disclaimer. I have no financial interest or benefit in whether you go or not. My only interest is in sharing the opportunity and experience with my fellow paddlers and building a good paddling group.

You may contact me or any of the outfitters directly. If you would like to reduce costs and share a room the first week that is a possibility.

All the best

Pablo D. deTorres
Quincy, MA
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