Sunset/Moonrise at the Spit - 7/9/17 6:00pm

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Sunset/Moonrise at the Spit - 7/9/17 6:00pm

Post by norm »

Looks like Sunday, July 9th will be the optimum night for a sunset / moonrise party at the spit this year. Sunset is at 8:20pm and moonrise is at 8:37pm. Low tide is at 6:18pm.

Feel free to double-check these details as it's been a while since I looked them up.

How about meeting at the Driftway at 5:30pm (or earlier) to launch into the muddy water by 6:00.

We can get out there, choose a spot and have enough time for a picnic before it gets dark.

(Stealing text from an earlier posting by Pat:)
For those who have never been, this is a very simple paddle - under 2 miles each way, and most likely flat water the whole trip, with some possible chop once we get out of Herring Brook and into the North River.

Proper kayak lighting is needed, with headlamps at a minimum. Good chance that we'll have only moonlight on the trip back and if it's cloudy, it will be super dark.

We can discuss who's bringing what for food.

Pat - could you bring the lighthouse for the launch spot?

Now lets all hope there will be nice weather next Sunday night.
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Re: Sunset/Moonrise at the Spit - 7/9/17 6:00pm

Post by NorwayLady »

The Sunset/Moonrise paddles to the Spit are always fun! I'm in. I'll see if I can get talk Russ into joining me...
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Re: Sunset/Moonrise at the Spit - 7/9/17 6:00pm

Post by Ken R »

I'm re-replying that Kit and I plan to come. We've never been here before so we are newbies to night spitting.
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Re: Sunset/Moonrise at the Spit - 7/9/17 6:00pm

Post by Tortoise »

I'm RSVP to both this page and the general page. I'm going and will see you there around 5:30 I plan on bringing humus and chips.
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