Looking for a paddle on Sunday July 8...

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Looking for a paddle on Sunday July 8...

Post by stillnoregrets »

Hi all, anyone got plans for a rec trip on Sunday July 8? A friend and I are looking to join an early morning paddle...maybe somewhere upriver on the Charles? We're not very familiar with the river, and would love to go with someone who knows it. Thanks!
~ Lori
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Re: Looking for a paddle on Sunday July 8...

Post by johnboy2 »

Hello has anyone contacted you about going along.
i would love to go, but i can't go early
tomorrow. also, i don't know that part of the river at all.
BUT i would love to tag a long if this gets going on a later
date, and with some one who knows the river. Johnboy2
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Re: Looking for a paddle on Sunday July 8...

Post by kayakerjnj »

Hi Lori,

The Charles River in Newton is a great easy place to take a flat water paddle, with easy access from the duck feeding area across the river.

It's right of the Highway 128 off Rte 30

Have a great day tomorrow!
Paddle with a big smile, its contagious 8)

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Re: Looking for a paddle on Sunday July 8...

Post by stillnoregrets »

Hi again,

Jordan, thanks for the reply about putting in in Newton. I actually did try that area a few weeks back with my son, and it is a nice area with plenty of parking. Do you know anything about the areas along Millis-Medfield-Dover-Sherborn-Needham?

Johnboy2, no...haven't heard from anyone else who wants to go. I think we're going to try putting in on Rte 27 on the Medfield-Sherborn line...probably around 10 tomorrow. Not sure if that's too early for you, but if you're interested in coming along let me know and we'll meet you. Otherwise, perhaps we can try again sometime soon!

Although I am not familiar with this part of the river, I did find a description from another paddler on http://www.paddling.net/places/showReport.html?1181. He wrote:

The river continues through marsh and meadow, skirting the edge of woodland at times. Next landmark is the bridge at Rt. 27 in Medfield, near the old state mental hospital. After the bridge you'll pass under a rusted railroad trestle, and see a smokestack, apparently defunct, off on the right bank a ways.

The river later passes through Rocky Narrows, a Trustees of Reservations property, with some rocky outcroppings and beautiful coniferous trees. There's a beach where you could make a nice quiet lunch stop.

The next landmark is a low concrete bridge on Farm Road in Sherborn. There's a good take-out well graded with gravel downstream to the right of the bridge, which also makes a nice place to stop and stretch, or have something to eat.

The final stretch of the trip, through mostly wooded terrain through Sherborn and South Natick, passes many large, expensive homes, most on the right bank. I spotted a hawk and several cormorants here, as well as mallard ducks. The water was quite low, less than a foot deep in places, so watch out for the submerged rocks! I ran aground on one that was masked by weeds.

Eventually you'll hear the roar of Rte. 16 to the left, and then it will become visible. In the last half mile before you reach the dam, you'll pass under power lines that cross the river (wouldn't want to be there if one broke and fell in!). Don't miss the beautiful statue of a young woman praying, just downstream, on a granite ledge on the right bank.

The final bridge you'll go under is a beautiful double-arched wooden pedestrian bridge that is privately-owned. The river widens even more, and you'll hear the roar of the dam ahead. The take-out is on the right bank in a town picnic area with some tables and a few grills. I suppose if you started early in the morning rather than at mid-day the way I did, this would be an ideal place for an end of the trip picnic.

Sounds like it might be lovely!

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Re: Looking for a paddle on Sunday July 8...

Post by pdetorres »


Exploring the Hidden Charles: A Guide to Outdoor Activities on Boston's Celebrated River
by Michael Tougias (Author)
http://www.amazon.com/Exploring-Hidden- ... as+charles

A little old but still the best.

Also from the AMC
River Guide: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, 4th edition
http://amcstore.outdoors.org/amcstore/p ... GNFEMJDDI&

Rivers are very high and some sections may still be flooding. Drive out and check it out first

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Re: Looking for a paddle on Sunday July 8...

Post by Azane »

The Charles is a fun and easy paddle, much to see! As it leaves the Cambridge area, loads of fauna..count the turtles, sunning on the fallen branches on waters edge. Enjoy! Steve
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